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Due to the accident on the network in Didube district, gas supply was temporarily stopped for 3050 subscribers.

We would like to inform you that due to an accident on the gas supply network on Karaleti Street near the Didube metro station, the gas supply was temporarily stopped from 00:30 on November 25: Agladze Str. 79, residents of "Global Technologies" LLC residential complex located at 117, 117d, 117-2, 117-3 Tsereteli Ave., 128, 130, 132, 139 Ak. Tsereteli Ave., Mega Didube LLC located at Cosmonauts bank # 91, Residential buildings of Arbi Group LLC located at 1, 2, 3, 4, 6-8-10, 12-14 Tskaltubo Street, 24, 25, 27 Mirtskhulava Street, to the part of the population of the private sector of Agladze and Tskaltubo streets, Among them the food and commercial facilities located on the territory of Didube bus station "Okriba", commercial facilities located at 140, 141, 142 and 144 Tsereteli Ave., including: Ministry of Health and Social Protection, "BMS Gorgia" LLC, "Mirzaan" Restaurant, "Progriff" LLC, "Tergi XXI" LLC, "Bermukha" LLC, LEPL "Chamber of Notaries", "Maudi" JSC, "Evex" Medical Corporation, "David Tvildian Medical University Public Nursing College", JSC "TBS Bank", LLC "Mziuri", LLC "Basketball Academy of Zaza Pachulia", LLC Asa-Turi, JSC "Samto", Procredit Bank, Security Police Building, "Surebi" LLC, "White Night" LLC, "MedCapital" LLC, "Ushba" LLC, at 136 Tsereteli Avenue - Nursery #91, 4 Mirtskhulava Str. - # 22nd public school, Italian school "Ciskari", "Besarion Kobidze", "Dentiveri XXI" LLC, "Be-Pe" LLC, "Healthy Future" LLC, JSC microfinance organization "Krystal", LLC "Fenix". At 95 Tsereteli Avenue - National Athletics Federation, "White House" restaurant, "Old Tbilisi" and others on the left bank of Mtkvari.
In Nadzaladevi district: to the residents of the residential building located at Eristavi Str. 2, as well as to "Europark" LLC on Ninua Street, "Auto Repairer" JSC, "Plasfan" LLC on Mechanization Street. On Eristavi Street - "Caritas of Georgia", "Universal" LLC, "LTB" LLC, "Jaoken" LLC, "Georgiana" LLC, "Lithuanian Bakery" LLC (1016), "Panacea" Medical College, "Okeanida" LLC - 1016, "Evolution Georgia" LLC - small, "Europark" LLC - 1016, Guramishvili Avenue 2 - Saint Barbara Church and others.
Sanzona: to the residents of the residential buildings located at 1 Eristavi Str. Jaoken, 2 Eristavi Lane I, Eristavi I Alley and 3 Eristavi Str., as well as to the "Georgian Gospel Faith Church" LLC at Eristavi Str. 1, (1016), LLC "Gallery Didube" (at GMP # 320), LLC "Charkhi Khazi" LLC (1001), LLC "New Classic", LLC "Tale" (1016), 2 Eristavi Str. - LLC "Khalibi" ” (1016), "Axis Construction Materials" LLC (1016) "Johnny Chanturia Medical Center" LLC located at Eristavi Str. 3, "Tbilisilam" LLC located at Eristavi Str. 1, "Kasta" LLC, also commercial objects located on Eristavi Street - on the territory of the former machine-building factory.
The restoration of gas supply will begin on Sunday, November 26 at 10:00 a.m. and will end at 6:00 p.m. Tbilisi Energy apologizes to subscribers for the inconvenience caused. Please keep the gas taps closed. Do not leave gas appliances unattended.