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A private company damaged the gas pipeline of Tbilisi Energy. 9,100 subscribers have been disconnected

In Samgori District, near Javakheti Str. 12, one of the companies damaged the gas pipeline belonging to Tbilisi Energy while drilling the ground. As a result, gas supply to Kakheti Highway 3A, Kakheti Highway 33A (adjacent to Javakheti Street) to Pit Stop LLC, Varketili Zemo Plateau Buildings 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 43A, 43B, 51, 51A, 51B, 22 Kaloubani Str., 24d. 2, 26d. 3, 28d. 4, 30 d. 5, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 38. 10-i), III array D-1, D-8, 6-v. 97 (Quarter 6 of 3 Massif, building 9), (Quarter 3 of Massiv 3 – Energy House LLC, Ghakhokidze Str. 6, Beriashvili Str. 7A, Shuamta Str. "A" and "B", Kiziki Str. 3, residential buildings of military settlement located at Abashvili Str., Revaz Mamisashvili, Razikashvili, builders settlement, to the residents of the private sector on the streets of Grigol Lortkifanidze, Andria Dadiani (Navtlughi-Kakheti), Ekaterine Bagdavadze, Kakheti deadlock, Kakheti Road, as well as communal and catering facilities located in the said area, among them are kindergarten #210 located on Satskhenisi Street (3 massif quarter 1), public school #108 located at Shuamta Str. 20, student youth palace located on the Kakheti highway. Office of the United National Movement, Tegeta Motors LLC, at 34 Kaloubani Str. - Ifkli 1 LLC, at 4 Kiziki Str., KASPIAN KREDO LLC, Mionza LLC, at the dead end of Kakheti - the branch of the Georgian Railways, "Nikora Trade" LLC, "Kartu Universals" LLC, "MA Georgia" LLC, "Georgian Railway" JSC, Church named after the Icon of the Mother of God of Iveria, "JTA Trade" LLC, N/P Shota Kevlishvili.

The restoration of gas supply will begin on February 8 at 12:00 pm and will be completed by 9:00 pm. Tbilisi Energy apologizes for the inconvenience caused by reasons beyond our control. Please do not leave gas taps open.