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Due to the rehabilitation works, the gas supply will be interrupted by up to 6500 subscribers for several hours.

We would like to inform you that on the Natural Gas Network, due to emergency rehabilitation works, gas supply from 09:00 to 13: 00 on Monday, August 29 will be temporarily interrupted for up to 6 500 subscribers.
Fas supply will be interrupted to - Nutsubidze - University st. 17a (University Street – near “University Street”), University St. 19. plot 4 and 5), University St. 24 (same as University St.) 5) Located at “My House” LLC , University st. 48 IBA. Tiboni, Anna Politkovskaya str. 3-17 “J 3” Ltd , Anapolitkovskaya st. 3-18 "J5" Ltd (same as Sandro Euli St. 10/Jikia str/5) part of the population of the residential building, near Sandro Euli street and the road to Napetresi s. “Association House in Napetvebi”, Jikia st. 5 (Elizbarmindel st. 12, Politkovskaya st. 27) “Dona Group” LLC , Jikia st. 6a, 6b, 6 (Same asPolitkovskaya st. 6), Jikia st. 9a (same in 9a-45 and Politkovskaya st.) 45) “Sakagromankana” LLC, Jikia st. 10 (same as Politkovskaya st.) 10), Jikia st. 9a-51, Anapolitkovskaya st. Georgian Spanish Construction Company Ltd., located at 4e, Politkovskaya st. GEO TECHNINVEST LTD located at 55, Jikia st. 9a-1, 9a-2, 9a-3, Politkovskaya st. 32-30, Politkovskaya str., Seu Group Development Company Ltd. 36 – Ltd “Jikia 36”, Ltd “Compact Development”, Jikia st. 7 "A" and "B" Block ( Politkovskaya st. 36 and 38), Politkovskaia st. 10/12, "Novo Development" LLC , a. Politkovskaia st. 47 (Jikia st.) 9), Jikia( A.
Politkovskaya) 8, 8a, a. Politkovskaia st. 57 (Jikia st. 9a-57) “Solodepartment” Ltd. , a. Politkovskaia st. 59, Sandro Euli St. 3 (Same as Zurab Anjaparidze. 23) “Sandro Euli” Ltd , Elizbar Mindeli st. 9th (Vake district, plot 005/086) Located in the "Green Leaf" LLC , a. Politkovskaia st. 46a (Jikia st. 18), Politkovskaia st. 44, 48, 50, 50-1, 50-2 (Jikia st. 18b, 18c), Jikia Street, plot. 31/45 (St. Vasilisko st. 10) Anko Ltd , Jikia Street, plot 28, Jikia Street, near Compact DevelopmentLtd, Jikia Street, 50-52, Compact + Ltd, Omar Pkhakadze str. 52,Villa HouseLtd , Omar Phakadze str. 26, Amkhali str. , Pkhakadze 26, Shavishvili str. The population of the residential buildings located in the area will also be interrupted by the supply of gas to the nearby Napetvrebi road district – Omar Pkhakadze Street and To the private sector population living on the streets of Yoseliani, to the part of the private sector population living on Dzotsi street (adjacent to Lis) in Jikia. the gas supply will also be terminated on the aforementioned-territorial large and small commercial facilities, including: clinic “Medula” (“Pharmina” Ltd), “Olympi + Tbilisi” Ltd, JSC “Insurance Company Hope El”, Department of MIA, “International Relations University” Ltd, G. Feradze Tbilisi University, LEPL Sokhumi University, Mining Institute, Saba Plus Ltd, Georgian Intelligence Service, Firefly Ltd, Assorted Vere Ltd, University Biologists Training building, University Library, “Euroregional Teaching University” Ltd, Special Administrative Service Legal Aid, MagtiCom Ltd, Fresco Shopping Center Ltd, I. Javakhishvili State University – Maglivi Building, Broadcasting Company Rustavi 2, Ardi Insurance, I/M Vakhtang Gvasalia, JSC TBCbank, System Net Ltd, Merp Stamba Ltd, Grigol Khantsteli Cathedral etc.;
Vake district - Tskneti road - a residential building for IDPs in the vicinity of Student City. 3 (3k), the population of 4 and 5, as well as Tskneti Road, plot. 07/056 “German International School Establishment and Support Union” ,Aadjacent to Student City – Innovative Education CenterLtd , etc.
Gas supply restoration will start at 13.00 and will be completed by 22.00.
Tbilisi Energy apologizes for the inconvenience. The mentioned works are necessary for continuous and safe gas supply of the capital. Follow the rules of safe gas consumption.