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Gas supply to up to 8000 customers in Saburtalo district will be temporarily suspended due to the switch to the new gas pipeline.

    • 08 February 2021

    In Saburtalo district, repairs of the damaged network and switching to the newly built, modern gas pipeline are underway.

    We would like to inform you that during the mentioned works, on February 9, at 22:00, the gas supply will be cut off to a part of the population of Simon Chikovani Street, S. Chikovani st. 2/7 (between the same Chiatura St. 2 and S. Chikovani St. 7), S. Chikovani st. 6-8-10 (same as 8-10), 9/11, 9 / 11-2, 9 / 11-3, 25/27 (same as S. Chikovani St. 27) Ltd. "Development Group" - S., Chiatura st. 7 (New House Ltd, located on the same Akhalsheni St., Ann En Group Ltd located at 30 Platon Ioseliani St., 12/14 Pl. Ioseliani St. (same Ioseliani St. 12 / 12), IOA “Ioseliani 15”, located at 15 Ioseliani St., Akhalsheni 2009, located at 2 Zaur Bolkvadze, Sulkhan Nasidze (formerly Akhalsheni) St., Akhalsheni Street 36 Chailuri St. (Zurab Kapianidze St. 2), Victor Dolidze Street residential buildings, Pankisi St. 7/9, Pekin St. 3, Pekin Lane 4, Lane 6, Bakuriani, Bakurtsikhe, Ikalto St. 1 , 7-9 (same as Kostava St. 72a), Kostava St. 67/85, Kostava St. 71, on the territory of Akademkalaki - Aleksidze St. 1 / Tkvarcheli St. 5, Tkvarcheli St. 2, Akademkalaki 1-1-1, 1 -1-2, Aleksidze St. 1-1, Aleksidze St. 11, Leader Group Ltd, Aleksidze St. 3, Aleksidze St. 1 / Akuri St. 30, Aleksidze St. 1, plot. GD Group Ltd., located at 038/011, 5 Aleksidze St., 12-12a Aleksidze St. (same as 10-12-12a), Apex Group LLC, located at 1 Berbuti St. S., Berbuti St. 3-5-7, (same Ber Buki st. 5-7-9) Located in Arena Ltd, Berbuki st. 8, 10, Almasiani st. 19/21 (same as Paul Aslanidi), Almasyan st. 25a, Almasiani st. Located at 23/25. The population of the residential buildings of "Ertoba", as well as Aleksidze st. 2 (same as Akuri) and the population of the private sector living on the nearby Almasyan Street, as well as gas supply will be cut off to large and small commercial facilities located in the area, including: Pekin (former Gamsakhurdia Ave.) st. 5 and Kostava st. Located at 70 - Gamsakhurdia 5 Ltd., Chibiki Ltd., Geo Ltd. Pharmaceutical Firm, Kuzanov Clinic Ltd., D&G Ltd., Malsi Ltd., F / P Zurab Dzindzibadze, May 26. Square - T & K Restaurants Ltd - McDonald's, Adjara Group Ltd, Van Georgia, Gurmano Ltd, Euroins Georgia Insurance Company, Fergeo Ltd, Enet Ltd ", Dolidze st. 2 - HMG Ltd., Leggie Ltd.

    Olidze st. 6 - Food House Ltd., Aleksidze Street - LEPL National Scientific Library, Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation, Georgian-American University Ltd., Ltd. "Yuji Garden", St. George British British School, Resid Service Ltd, K. Kekelidze National Center of Manuscripts, Caucasus Mining Group, LEPL Revenue Service, LEPL National Center for Education Quality, LEPL Resource Officer of Educational Institutions, Berbuti Street - Georgian Business Point Ltd, Samiari Ltd, Kostava Street - Water Type Center "Tonus", II and X buildings of the Georgian Technical University, on Pekin Street - MagtiCom Ltd and others.

    Restoration of gas supply will start at 9:00 am on February 10 and will be fully restored by 21:00 pm.

    "Tbilisi Energy" apologizes for the inconvenience.

    These works are necessary for a continuous and safe gas supply.

    Please do not leave gas taps open.