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Tbilisi Energy continues to actively rehabilitate the gas supply circuit of the capital.

Tbilisi Energy Company continues to actively rehabilitate the gas supply circuit of the capital.

Part of the Tbilisi gas supply circuit is out of date and its rehabilitation is necessary for a secure gas supply. 

One of such places is in Isani district, that is located one of the central gas supply stations of the capital. The station has been serving the city since its exploitation and major works have not been done on it for over the years. Consequently, the exploitation period has expired, which is dangerous for the citys gas supply. 

Tbilisi Energy has completely renovated the station. Which makes Tbilisi safe and uninterrupted gas supply becomes more reliable.

 Due to the commissioning of the newly rehabilitated station, gas supply will be aborted  on Tuesday, March 30 from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm on March 31 to the following streets: 2, 2a, 2b Kakabeti str., 66 Andghuladze  str., 

Vazisubani settlement building  15, 16,  36a, 36f, 36b, 36,  10, 12, 14, 16 Babiskhevi str.,  60 George Bush str. (60 Melaani str.) 1St, 2nd, 3rd str. of Sabanako settlement,  Kvareli 2nd lane 3, 103, 107b, 109, on Elias Mountain - near Niabi Street - part of the private sector inhabitants  

living in the near to Abuli Street, the monastery complex that is under construction on Elias Mountain, 

To inhabitants living at private sector of Mtisdzisri, Ushakovi, Kvareli, Amirejibi, Andghuladze, Arveladze, Apanasievi, Gezati, Sabargo settlement, Kakabeti, Kalandadze, Koptsovi, Matiashvili, Meskheti, Mikeladze, Navtlughi settlement, Naneishvili, Olgha Guramishvili-Nikoladze, Oniani, Ratili, Sergi Durmishidze, Tvishi, Tolenji, Kvareli, Karkarashvili, Shervashidze, military settlement, Tsalenjikha, Kharabadze, Khachaturiani, Sabanako settlement, Sabanako 1st street and settlement, Gujareti 1st and 2nd streets, Melaani 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 streets, Kote Bakradze , Babiskhevi (Tamaz Mujirishvili), Beghleti, Galavani (Golovni), Znauri, Kaishauri, Kvaleti street lane and allay, Kveseti, Kiketi, Mrevlishvili, Nakerali, Niabi street, lanes and allays, Kakabeti, Gocha Karkarashvili, Andghuladze, Bukistsikhe, Zandukeli, Zurab Begiashvili, Ioseb and Leon Orbeli, Navtlughi settlement, Uznadze, Kobuladze, Shalva Mshvelidze, Chochua, Janelidze, Meskheti, Kvachantiradze, Odzisi and Joneti, Ruispiri Street and Lane, Satemo, Saingilo Street and Lane, Shakriani, Shildi Street and Lane, Betania, Bzipi Street and Lane, Gantiadi, Tezami, Mamkodi, Martkopi Street and Lane, Akhalubani, alleys, lanes and exits of Somkheti str. Gas supply will also be aborted to Patriarchate of Georgia, located at 141 Melaani Lane, and to small commercial and budget facilities located in the area, 

in Chugureti district -  - the population of the residential buildings located at 173, 173-2, 173-3, 173-4, 173-5 Khudadovi str, in Makhata mountain lane, part of the population of the private sector living on Zetiskhili Street, as well as on Makhata Mountain - the temple Icon of the Virgin of Iveria, that is under construction, Horizonti radio LTD (TV and Radio Center) and others. 

(About 7550 subscribers)


Restoration of gas supply will start at 10:00 on March 31 and end at 18:00.

Tbilisi Energy apologizes for the inconvenience. This measure is essential for the safe and uninterrupted gas supply of the capital.