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For the purpose of reconstruction of gas pipeline up to 3800 subscribers shall be temporarily terminated gas supply

Company Tbilisi Energy informs you, that for the purpose of reconstruction of 150mm gas pipeline at Nadiradze street, by TSU 10th Building (Higher) on Friday, September 11 since 10am gas supply shall be terminated up to 3800 subscribers – Nutsubidze – 17a University str. (at University street – to LTD Deko Maglivtan) 19 University str. (plots of land 4 and 5 in the vicinity of Napetvrebi), LTD Chemi Sakhli located at 24 University str. (same 5 University str.), I.B.A. Tibioni located at 48 University str.,  LTD J 5 (same 10 Sandro Euli str./5 Jikia str.) part of the population of the residency houses located at 2-18 Anna Politkovskaya str., in the vicinity of Sandro Euli street and road leading towards  Napetvrebi   Apartment Owners Association House in Napetvrebi, LTD Donna Group located at 5 Jikia str. (12 Elizbar Mindeli str.), 6a, 6b, 6, LTD  Sakagromankana located at 9a Jikia str (the same 9a-45 and 45 Politkovskays str.), 10 Jikia str. (same  10 Politkovskays str., LTD Georgian-Spanish Construction Company located at 9a-51 Jikia str., 4e Anna Politkovskaya str., LTD Geo TechInvest located at 55 Politkovskays str,m 9a-1, 9a02, 9a-3, Jikia str., LTD SEU Group Development Company located at 32-30 Politkovskaya str., LTD Jikia 36, LTD Compact Development located at 36 Politkovskaya str., Blocks A and B located 7 Jikia str. (now 36 and 38 Politkovskaya str.) LTD Novo Development located 10/12 A. Politkovskaya str.,  47 Politkovskaya str (9 Jikia str.), 8, 8a,  Jikia str. (now Anna Politkovskaya), LTD Solo Development located at 57A. Politkovskaya str. (9a-57 Jikia str.), LTD Sandro Euli located at 59 Politkovskaya str., 3 Sandro Euli str. (same 23 Zurab Anjaparidze str.), LTD Green Life located at 9e Elizbar Mindeli located at 9e Elizbar Mindeli str. (Vake District, plot 005/086), 44, 48, 50, 50-1, 50-2 A. Politkovskaya str. (18b, 18g Jikia str.), in the vicinity of Jikia street, LTD Anko located at plot of land 31/45 (10 Ts. Motsame Vasilisko), in the vicinity of Jikia street, plot of land 28, LTD Compact Development located in the vicinity of Jikia street, in the vicinity of Jikia street, LTD Compact+ located at 50-52, LTD Villa House located at 52 Omar Pkhakadze str., Apartment Owners Association Pkhakadze 26 located at 26 Omar Pkhakadze str., population of residency houses located at 2 Shavishvili str., also gas supply shall be terminated in the vicinity of Napetvrebi road – population of private sector located at Omar Pkhakadze street and Al. Ioseliani street, part of population of private sector residing at Jikia, Dzotsi street (in the vicinity of Lisi). Gas supply shall also be terminated to large and small commercial entities located at the above-mentioned territory, among them are: Clinic Medula (LTD Farmina), LTD Olymp Tbilisi, JSC  Insurance Company Imedi-L, MIA Department of Economic, LTD University of International Relations, G. Peradze Tbilisi University, LEPL Sokhumi University,  Mining Institute, LTD Saba Plus, Georgian Intelligence Service, LTD Tsitsinatela, LTD Assort Vere, Biologists’ Study Building of the University and in the vicinity of it library of TSU, LTD Euro Regional Study University, Legal Aid of Special Penitential Service, LTD Fresco Shopping Center, I. Javakhishvili State University  10th Building (Higher), Broadcasting Company Rustavi 2, Ardi Insurance I/E Vakhtang Gvasalia, JSC TBC Bank, LTD System Net, LTD MVP Printing House, Grigol Khanzteli Temple and etc., population of the residency of 3 (3k), 4 and 5 of the Study City located in Vake district – and B. Tskneti roadway, also LEPL Foundation and Support Union of German International School  located at 07/056 plot of land at B. Tskneti roadway, in the vicinity of B. Study City – to LTD Innovative Education Center and etc.

Restoring of gas supply shall start since 2pm of the same day and shall be fully restored by the end of the day.

Company Tbilisi Energy apologizes for the occurred discomfort to its subscribers.