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For the purpose of secure supply the city with the gas, newly built gas-pipeline shall be started in the system tomorrow.

For the reason of starting newly built gas-pipeline tomorrow since 11am, gas supply shall be temporarily terminated to part of population at Sairme Hill private sector, residency houses located at 16 Sairme Hill apartment owners association Sairme 2001 and Tour-Elite Group, Kakha Shevardnadze, Givi Kartozia 6,8,10, on the territory of 13 Tamarashvili street, LTD M2 residency houses, 18, 20 Kazbegi ave., also LTD M2 on Kazbegi located at 25 Kazbegi ave., Saburtalo residency houses 57, 59, 61, 63, 64, 67, Zakariadze, Asatiani, residency houses located at 37, 39 Vazha Pshavela deadlock and turn, Shalva Nutsubidze str., from 2 till 50 inclusive, from 1 till 57 inclusive, 26a, 26d-2, 26d-3 Sh. Nutsubidze str., nearby Delisi 2 (16 Zaldastanishvili street), Delisi-3 (3 Zaldatanishvili str.) 9-7 Delisi str. (29 Zaldatanishvili str.) beginning of Delisi street. Also public catering and commercial entities located at the above-mentioned territory, including: Central Republican Hospital, Medical University, Batesta Hotel, LTD Aversi Clinic, at Asatiani street,  National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, Medical University, commercial entities located at 41 Vazha-Pshavela ave., and etc.

Gas supply shall be restored as soon as the works are finished. Tbilisi Energy apologizes for the discomfort. Starting new gas-pipeline in the system is especially essential, for safe supply the population with gas.

Let’s prepare ourselves for safe winter

Tbilisi Energy