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In Tbilisi, Samgori district, two residential buildings were saved from explosion

In Tbilisi, Samgori district, hotline 114 was informed that there was a strong gas smell in one of residential building’s entrance on Abashishvili street. By the time, when employees of Tbilisi Energy Emergency Service arrived on the location, at one of locked appartments, laser equipment identified gas concentration.  Owner of the appartment was out of the city.  For security purpose, the residential building was terminated supply of natural gas, as for the specific appartment, the rescuers entered the appartment from balcony, after that they went in the kitchen and found out that the gas-valve on stove was turned on.

In Samgori district, one more residential building was saved from explosion. Tbilisi Energy Emergency Service hotline 114 was informed, that there was a strong gas smell in the entrance and dwellers requested help.

When Tbilisi Energy specialists arrived on place, they found, that one of the inhabitants had cut a pipe from the gas-stove, which was left open and gas was leaking, while they were at home. More than this, in the appartment was found handmade installed gas pipeline. Dwellers of the residential building were saved from explosion, with the help of attentive neighbors, who urgently informed Tbilisi Energy about gas leakage.

Tbilisi Energy warns you to keep safety rules of gas usage, do not leave gas equipments without attention, breaking the security rules, may lead you to severe results, which can be dangerous for your family and neighbors.

We wish you health, warmth and care.