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From September 1, 2023, the cost of natural gas will be reduced for non-household customers. 

As you know, "Tbilisi Energy" LLC is the largest natural gas distribution licensee of the capital city, which serves more than half a million subscribers, including up to 20,000 non-household customers.

The company imports natural gas and makes payments in US dollars. Taking into account the decrease in the price of gas to be purchased by the suppliers and, at the same time, the strengthening of the national currency in relation to the US dollar, the company decided to reduce the non-residential tariff. Based on this, from September 1, 2023, the price of natural gas supplied to non-household customers of Tbilisi Energy LLC will be 1.24 (one GEL and 24 tetris) per cubic meter instead of 1.35 GEL (one GEL and 35 tetris), including value added tax.

We would also like to note that the price of natural gas for household consumers will not change, and the tariff will still be 0.539708 GEL per cubic meter.