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We would like to inform you that due to the rehabilitation of the emergency network, the gas supply to 5000 subscribers will be temporarily suspended.

Tomorrow, on May 2, from 22:00, the gas supply will be suspended due to the rehabilitation works of the emergency network: St. Martyr Vasilikos st. 14, Alexander Ioselianis III turn 1, II turn 2, II turn 2-8-6 (St. Vasilikos St. 8), II turn 3, Al. Ioseliani str. 95, 99 (the surrounding area of ​​Jikia, plot 28), 101, "Donna Group" LLC located at Jikia st. 5 (Elizbar Mindeli st. 12), "Greenlife" LLC located at Elizbar Mindeli st. 9B, Elizbar Mindeli st. 11, Elizbar Mindeli str. 12, Elizbar Mindeli str. 7b, "Sakagromankana" LLC located at Jikia st. 9A (same as 9A-45 and Politkovskaya St. 45), 9A-51, "Geo Tech Invest" LLC located at Politkovskaya St. 55, "Solo Development" LLC located at Politkovskaya st. 57 (9a-57 Jikia St.) - Jikia St. 9a-1, 9a-2, 9a-3, "Seu Group Development Company" LLC located at 32-30 Politkovskaya st., "Jikia 36" LLC located at Politkovskaya st. 36 - residential building "Compact Development" LLC and "A" and "B" blocks located at Jikia st. 7 (near Anna Politkovskaya st. 36 and 38), a. Politkovskaya st. 41a (the same as Jikia st. 9a, 9a-3), a. Politkovskaya str. 20

Gas supply will be suspended in residential buildings of "AP Development" LLC and "Novo Development" LLC at Anna Politkovskaya St. 10/12, 10.12. 12a. Also to the residents of the residential building of "Novo Jikia 22" LLC located at Politkovskaya st. 22A., "Novo Development" LLC located at A. Politkovskaya str. 10/12, A. Politkovskaya str. 47 (9 Jikia St.), "Solo Development" LLC located at A. Politkovskaya str. 57, A. Politkovskaya str. 59 (the same as A. Politkovskaya st. 9a-57), "Green Life" LLC located at Elizbar Mindeli st. 9e (Vake district street, plot 005/086), A. Politkovskaya str. 46a (18 Jikia St.), A. Politkovskaya str. 44, 48, 50, 50-1, 50-2 (18b, 18g Jikia St.), Anna Politkovskaya St. 65, "Anko" LLC, located at adjacent to Jikia street, plot 31/45 (St. Martur Vasiliskos St. 10), St. Martur Vasilikos st. 3 (the same as adjacent to Jikia St. 7), adjacent to Jikia Street, plot. 28, "Compact Development" LLC, adjacent to Jikia Street, "Compact +" LLC located at 50-52, adjacent to Jikia Street, Omar Pkhakadze st. The residents of the residential buildings of housing administration "Pkhakadze 26" located at Pkhakadze str. 26, as well as part of the private settlers living on Aleksandre Ioseliani, Nafetvrebi, Jikia, Dzotsi Street (adjacent to Lisi)


Also, gas supply will be suspended to large and small commercial facilities in the mentioned area, including: Economic Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Sukhumi University, Mining Institute, Assorti Vere LLC, Euroregional Training University LLC, System Net LLC, LLC "MVP Stamba", Grigol Khandzteli Cathedral and others.

The restoration of gas supply will begin on May 3 at 09:00 and will end at 20:00.

"Tbilisi-Energy" apologizes to subscribers for the inconvenience caused. The mentioned works are necessary for the safe and uninterrupted gas supply of the capital.