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11,000 subscribers due to switching of the new gas pipeline will be temporarily disabled.

We would like to inform you that the newly built gas pipeline, to be included in the unified gas supply system, tomorrow, November 10, from 10:00 p.m. to November 11, 10:00 a.m. Gas supply to up to 11,000 subscribers will be temporarily stopped. In particular, gas supply will be stopped - Meveli st. 11, 13, 17, Sergi Tsuladze st. Residents of residential buildings located at 32, Tsuladze st. 15, 23, Tsuladze 1 st. 2, Tsuladze st. 28-30, Beri Gabriel Salos Ave. 56 (Monk Gabriel Salosis I record. 1), Cholokashvilis III record. 3a (the same monk Gabriel Salos I, No. 3), Didgori st. 3, Dodashvili st. 58, 62, Sakhalkhos st. 1, 3, 3/3a, 6, Kedi Commune 3 (Shalva Dolidze St. 3), Rostomashvili St. 13, Chokheli st. 12, to the private sector population living in Baladan, Didgori, Koba Chokheli, Malkhazov, Mevele, Gudarekhi, Rusudani, Nargiz, Tsikhisdziri, Kedi, Commune, Reedi. Ketevan Martyr (St. Ketevan Dedofli) Ave. 63a, 63b, 65, 67, 69, 73, Stefane Chrelashvili, Cholokashvili 1st residential building. 1 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 9), 2 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 11), 3 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 13), 4 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 15) 5 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 17), Cholokashvili St. 57-1 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 37), 57-2 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 41), 57-3 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 35), 57-4 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 39), Cholokashvili St. 1/1 (Gabriel Salosi Ave. 3), Cholokashvili St. 1/2 (Gabriel Salosi Ave. 5) Cholokashvili St. 1/3 (Gabriel Salosi Ave. 1), Cholokashvili St. 1-7/1 (37 Mikheil Abramishvili St.), Cholokashvili St. 48a (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 48e), Beri Gabriel Salosi Moed. 3, "Assorti Group" LLC, located in Cholokashvili II sq. 1 (Monk Gabriel Salos Ave. 43) 2 (Monk Gabriel Salos Ave. 45), 3 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 47), 3a (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 49), 4 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 51), 5 (Beri Gabriel Salosi Ave. 53), Cholokashvili st. 52 to the residents of residential buildings. of Baghdad (Richard-Holbrook), Navtlughi St. Residential complex of "Prime Archi" LLC located at 10, Matrososvi, (Vl. Lobzhanidze), Solomon Dodashvili, Rtveladze, Chkalov, Bagdad (Richard Holbrook), Hospital Shes, Military City, as well as Reed, the residential complex located in the Turf area of Friendship, II, III Dolabauri, Kacharava, Ujarmi, Patardzeuli, Ortachali (population of buildings of Arthur Laist St. 3, 5, 6, 7, 9, 11), Arthur Laist St. residential buildings of "Tiflis" LLC and "Ortachali Tower" LLC located at 4, Also nearby - on Nikola Bazhani, Marjorie Wardrop, Arthur Laist Friendship, Ahmed Javadi, Mikheil Abramishvili, Grigol Afshinashvili, Friendship, Beri Gabriel Salos Avenue, Malkhazov Lanes, Manavi, Alexander Amilakhvari, Cholokashvili, Ortachali Turf, Reed Street, In the vicinity of Cholokashvili (now the beginning of Beri Gabriel Salosi Avenue) street - private sector residents living on Mtkvari beach, as well as commercial facilities located in the mentioned area - "Old Uban 2" LLC, "Lyons" LLC - "Astoria" Restaurant, Kindergarten # 215, "Tbilisi Humanitarian University" LLC, "Monio" LLC, Isani-Samgori Complex Sports Center. Also Gas supply was stopped - to Visol gas station located on Dodashvili Square, on Navtlughi Street - Isani-Samgori District Administration, police building, on Cholokashvili Street - swimming pool "Olympi" - Monio LLC, Humanitarian University, Cholokashvili St. 48 - "Fresco Shopping Center (Ab: "Jnes 777" LLC - "Aastoria" restaurant, #215 Kindergarten, on Saekimo Street - Special Service of the State Protection of Georgia, on Navtlughi Street - Isani Mall, supermarket "Carrefour" (Chrosi 2 LLC), 69 Tsamuli Ave, JSC "Evex Medical Corporation", 11-13 Navtlughi St. - "Aversi Clinic" LLC, General Education LLC School "Intellect" on Dodashvili Street - Confectionery "Narcis" on Baghdadi Street - "River Hall Tbilisi" LLC, I/M Eliza Kapanadze, "Omega Invest" LLC # 99 public school and others located in the above mentioned area objects. Restoration of gas supply will start on Friday - November 11 at 10:00 a.m. and will end at 9:00 p.m. Tbilisi Energy apologizes to subscribers for the inconvenience caused. The newly built gas pipeline will significantly improve the safe and continuous gas supply of the capital.