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Due to the accident on the gas pipeline, gas supply was interpted to 5000 subscribers.

Due to a gas pipeline blackout, today, on July 22, at 2:00 p.m. the gas supply was interrupted to part of the population of Sairme Hill. In particular, the gas supply was stopped to the condominium "Sairme 2001" and Turelit Group located at 16 Sairmi Gora, Kakha Shevardenidze, Givi Kartozia st. 6, 8, 10 "M2" Ltd. near the Hippodrome, “Terrassa Hippodrome” LLC residential building located at 12 Kartozia st,   On the territory of Mikheil Tamarashvili st. , the building of “M2” Ltd , Kazbegi Ave. 18, 20, as well as Kazbegi Ave. 25 Located on “M2 Kazbegi” Ltd , Asatiani str. # 10a, Ltd"BD PROPERTY", Saburtalo 57k, 59k, 61k, 63k, 65k, 67k, Zakariadze, Mikheil Asatiani, V.Pshavela Ave. 20 “ANI” LTD , Vazha-Pshavela Ave. 37, 39, V.Buildings located in Vazha Pshavela alley and lane, Shalva Nutsubidze st. from2- 50, from 1 - 57, Nutsubidze st. 26a, 26d-2, 26d-3, adjacent to Delisi 2 (Zalastanishvili st. 16), Delisi-3 (Zalastanishvili st. 3),  Delisi st. 9-7 (Zurab and Teimuraz Zalastanishvili st. 29), the beginning of Delisi Street (Zalastanishvili St., as well as the cooking and commercial facilities located in the mentioned territory, including: Republic Hospital, Batumi Hotel, Aversi Clinic Ltd, Silk Gastronomie Ltd, Mikheil Asatiani Street – Center for Disease Control, Capital Invest Group Ltd, State Medical University, Vazha Pshavela. Gas supply restoration will start on 22 July from 10.00 am and finish by 19.00 pm.