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The price of natural gas for Tbilisi Energy Ltd non-household customers will change on July 1, 2022.

As it is known, "Tbilisi Energy" LLC is the largest natural gas distribution licensee in the capital, supplying almost half a million customers and up to 20,000 non-residential customers. However, the companys primary licensing requirement is that customers receive a safe, consistent, and reliable supply of gas.

As it is known, the company imports natural gas. Consequently, price changes by suppliers have a significant impact on the rate.The price of natural gas has risen dramatically in the world market lately and the trend of growth has persisted to this day. Nevertheless, in order to promote the development of Georgian business, Tbilisi Energy Ltd has tried to balance the gap between the purchase and sale prices of natural gas with its own resources in order to avoid increasing tariffs.

Since the purchase price of non-household gas continues to rise for "Tbilisi Energy" Ltd from  beginning of  July 1, 2022, the company is compelled to modify the pricing for non-household customers so as not to impede the natural gas procurement process and consistency.

Based on the foregoing, the price of natural gas to be delivered to non-residential customers of the Company from 1 July through 2022 is fixed at 1.35 (one GEL and thirty-five Tetri)   GEL per cubic meter, including value-added tax. Despite the increase, the price of natural gas for non-ousehold customers of Tbilisi Energy Ltd. will be the lowest in the country.

We would like to underline that the price of natural gas does not affect household consumers.