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Due to the pipeline break on Gabriel Salosi Avenue, gas delivery was briefly suspended for up to 4,000 consumers.

We would like to inform you that, as a result of the accident on the gas pipeline at Gabriel Salosi, service has been interrupted for up to 4,000 customers. In particular, the gas supply was cut off at Bogdanchkhelinsk str. 13a (Now Beri Gabriel Salosi avenue) The break  occurred on the underground gas pipeline, the gas supply was suspended on Gardabani road 24a,  inhabitants of a residential building at 6a,Kindzmarauli, Marlis (NowBabutsidze)Street, Nakaduli, Ochieli, Settlement of Metal Constructions (St.Barbare settlement), residents of Gardabani road  and 31st factory (Mariapperini Street), as well as gas supply was interrupted to  commercial facilities in the mentioned territory, including – LLC “Oto”, P. Natia Janiashvili, LLC “Tavavi”, Ltd “Camelini”, Ltd “Orbel91”, Kindergarten located on Marelisi st.5 (Davitiani school), Davit Khabazashvili, School # 82, Gardabani Road - # 78 Public School, Kindzmarauli II Lane - 126 Kindergartens, Individual Entrepreneur Talakhadze, Public School # 106 and others. The gas supply will be restored following the completion of intense reconstruction works.