Gas supply to up to 5,000 subscribers will be aborted due to damage to the gas pipeline by the company GWP

During the earthworks on the road connecting Nutsubidze slope and Vashlijvari, the company "GWP" damaged the gas pipeline belonged to Tbilisi Energy. Gas supply was aborted as a result of the failure: to LLC Irs Tower residential buildings located at Gagarini str.18, 29 in Saburtalo district, to nearby part of the private sector inhabitants on Vazisubani Street, to part of the inhabitants of the private sector of Ardaziani, Tsulukidze, Zemo Vedzisi street at Vedzisi settlement, to LLC Cooperative Lisi 2015 at Zemo Vedzisi str. #6a, to LLC Tbilisi Tourism Center at Zemo Vedzisi str. #4, 2a, 3a, to Cooperative Gaarini 18 located at I. Gagarini str. #18, to LLC Irs Tower located at Gagarini str. 29, to LLC M.D.K. located at Elisabed Cherkezashvili str. #2, to residential building located at Zemo Vedzisi str. 103, to private sector inhabitants living in Zemo Vedzisi Street and Dead end, Ivane Beritashvili, Oseti str. 46a, Zemo Vedzisi str. 29/3, 33/7, 34/5, 35/4, 30/3, as well as LLC Tbilisi Tourism Center at Zemo Vedzisi str. #4, to LLC Tbilissi-Perm Group located at Zemo Vedzisi str. #1, to LLC Morena-Pro, to LLC Tourism Center, to Bank of Georgia head office at Gagarin str. 29, to Association "Regional Development for the Future of Georgia" at Vazisubani str. 4, to LLC Sashkhape on the right bank of the Mtkvari, to JSC Bank of Georgia Head Office located at Iuri Gagarini str. #29 nearby small commercial facilities. In Dighomi – to inhabitants of residential buildings located in Vashlijvari settlement, in Vashlijvari - Marshal Gelovani Avenue, Sarajishvili, Godziashvili, Kvantaliani, Valentin Topuridze, Arzakan Emkhvari, Mukhran Machavariani, Iasamni, Gvirilebi, Brotseuli streets and also Gelovani Ave. #4 (IDPs settled in the building of the former Industrial College), in village Dighomi – to Natbeureuri settlement, in village Dighomi – to Didgori str. #2, to Gas stations of LLC SOCAR Petroleum and LLC MMS-Gas located at Agmashenebeli Alley, to LLC Belux, to LLC Iberia Auto House,in  Vashlijvari settlement – to branch of Bank of Georgia, to 4th polyclinic, LLC Ipkli Pirveli, LLC OGT Omega, to Hydroserve, to unit of the Ministry of Defense, to LLC branch of Tbilisi State Medical University, to LLC Hermes, to LLC Prestizhi, to LLC Georgian stone, to Commercial units in the Radio Fortuna building located at Marshal Gelovani Ave. #2, to restaurant “Vepkhi da mokme” located at Gelovani Avenue, plot 3/3, LLC Khareba-777, to Ministry of Agriculture, to National Food Agency, to Vocational College "Ikarus", to LEPL "National Wine Agency", to LLC Farm Market - Agro Hub, Supermarket, to Supermarket "Bricorama" (LLC "Brico Caucasus"), to Furniture House – LLC Mia, to Church of the Ascension, to LLC, to LLC Sashkhape, to kindergarten “Sinatle”, to Public School #158, to Kindergarten # 70, etc.; On Nutsubidze plateau - near Lisi lake – LLC Lisi Veranda ("Lisi Fo" – Tsatskhvebi, Tutia streets) residential complex (A, B, Ch, D, F, G, H-blocks), to buildings 42, 43, 55, 55a, 55b, 55c located at Nutsubidze IV m/d, to part of building #35, to Nutsubidze IV m / d, nearby building 36 (nearby to building 35), to building #21d located at Nutsubidze IV m/d (same Nutsubidze IV m/d, nearby building 20), to LLC Tetri Samkaro residential building located at Konstantine Kapaneli str. 21,  as well as near village Tkhinvala – LLC Green Development Lisi Council located at Avto Varazi str. #44, to LLC AGHABY GROUP located at plot 719, on the slope of Nutsubidze – to inhabitants of LLC N Capital Located at Painters str. #38 (Painters Str. 38-1, 38-2), LLC "Terrace Saburtalo" at Avto Varazi I turn #3, to LLC Lisi Green Urban at Avto Varazi str. #107, to village Tkhinlava, to settlement of the private sector of village summer cottages, to Painters Street, Avto Varazi, Nino Zaalishvili, Aleksandre Bandzeladze, Zartsemi, Tata (Tatiana) Tvalchrelidze, near Lisi Lake (Kvemo Lisi, near Lisi Swamp, near the well), to part of the inhabitants of Lisi Sakrebulo and nearby streets, to village Tkhinvala and nearby LLC Green Development residential building, to residents of the private sector of summer cottages, to Student dormitory, to Painters Street, to SOS Childrens Village on Nutsubidze slope, to LLC Tbilisi Hippodrome Service, to Radiation Medicine Center, to Givi Zaldastanishvili American Academy, to Mtsignobartukhutses School-Lyceum, to LLC Lisi Lake, to LLC Lisi Baths, to British-Georgian Academy, to LLC Millennium School, to the building of the LEPL “Emergency Management Service - 112” located at Intensipikacia Street, etc. Gas supply will start time to time today and will be fully restored tomorrow at 16:00. Tbilisi Energy apologizes to the subscribers for the inconvenience created by the reasons independent of the company.