For The Safety Of My Business

For The Safety Of My Business

1. If you smell gas! Quickly turn off gas taps, open the windows and ventilate the space. Call the emergency response service number 114 and leave the space

2. For the safety of your family - Arbitrary installation of gas network and gas appliances is not allowed. Entrust this work to qualified specialists.

3. It is necessary! Turn off the gas taps before leaving the house.

4. It is recommended to turn off the gas taps on gas heaters after the end of the winter season.

5. It is recommended! If you do not live in an apartment and it is closed (even temporarily), call us and request a temporary shutdown of gas supply for the safety of your home and neighbors.

6. It is necessary! Allow “Tbilisi Energy” specialists to inspect the gas supply network in your living space.

7. It is strictly forbidden! Arbitrary restoration of disconnected gas supply or arbitrary installation of gas appliances. Doing so, you will endanger the lives of your family members and neighbors.

8. It is not allowed to install gas network and gas appliances in basements or areas that are not ventilated.

9. Before renting, mortgaging or buying an apartment or office, make sure that you check the safety of your internal gas network. Don’t move into a new space until you’re sure your safety is protected. Call the call center of "Tbilisi Energy" 2 40 40 04. The service is free

10. It is necessary! In a residential area where gas appliances are installed, the ventilation duct should work properly, there should be a vent window or windows with so-called tilt mechanism.

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