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New gas pipeline in Tskneti

  • 09 February 2021

Safe gas supply of the capital is one of the main priorities of the company "Tbilisi Energy".

In Tskneti, rehabilitation works were carried out on the main gas supply pipeline.

A new, more than 1 km long modern gas pipeline has been built, which will make Tskneti gas supply much safer. Work has already been completed and the switch to the new network will start on Thursday, February 11th. Due to the mentioned works, gas supply will be temporarily suspended in Tskneti from 9:00 am on February 11 - Davit Agmashenebeli, Maia Tskneteli, Saakadze, Stalin (now Amilakhvari), Sairme, Gorki, Tamar Mepe, Leselidze, Kostava, Orbeliani, Rustaveli, st. In the vicinity of Tsamebuli, Vazha-Pshavela, Grishashvili, Tevdore Mghvdli, Cholokashvili, Pirosmani, Tabidze, Arsena, Chavchavadze streets and Chavchavadze - Ketkeeti settlement, as well as forest district, apple orchard area, 12 residents of Kona Green Street. Tskneti “b” zone, “c” zone, 2k, 3k,  block. 1, in Tskneti - Tamar Mepe st. Residential buildings located at 17, 25, 42, as well as Tskneti - Abkhazia, Akhaldaba, Gagra, Gorgasali, Grishashvili, Gorki, Guramishvili, Tamar Mepe Street, dead end and lane, Iliko Sukhishvili, Iakob Gogebashvili, Saakadze, Ifneli-B Forest, st. Tsamebuli, Kazbegi, Tsekavshiri sister, Tsereteli, Maia Tsknteli street and lanes, . In the territory of  so called “apple orchards”, in the territory of almond orchards, in Tskneti “a” zone (government zone), in Tskneti “b” zone and in the village. The private sector population living in Akhaldaba, as well as gas supply will be cut off to # 118 Kindergarten, LEPL State Care Agency,

Situation Management Service, Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, St. Nino Church, Kopala, JSC "Nikora", st. Tbilisi Municipality "Gymnastics Development Sports Center", Didgori district administration building as well as other small commercial facilities located on the territory of Tskneti. About 4500 subscribers.

 Restoration of gas supply will start on the same day from 17:00 and will be fully restored by 21:00.